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Swinger Cruise FAQ

Vacation on a swinger cruise on a sailing yacht is the ultimate swinger vacation. Couples can enjoy and relax on board of a luxury yacht while soaking in the sun and cool breezes from the sea.

Although swinger cruise is the ultimate swinger vacation, there are still many unanswered questions. Let us try to answer some of those for you:

There are mainly destinations for swinger cruise. The most popular being islands around the Caribbean. One of those is the Virgin Island. This is because of it great consistency good weather and wind (ideal of sailing) all seasons round. Also, of its' large variety of natural environment including some of the world's best coral reefs and colorful fishes, the closeness to services such as international airports, and shopping centers.

Other popular destination also includes the coast of Florida , and the Greek Islands .

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2. What should I bring on a cruise?

It is suggested that you only bring a soft sided luggage bag, such as a duffle bag. This is because there is limited space on the yacht plus it also allows easy storage. Any hard surface luggage will damage paint and woodwork of the yacht.

Cruise is all about relaxing and being comfortable, so casual wear clothing is recommended. While dining on shore you maybe required to wear something a bit more formal or smart casual. So ladies should bring along a cocktail dress while gentlemen should bring some long pants, collared shirts, and a jacket.

We also recommend that you bring these accessories:

  • Sunglasses (polarized is highly recommended on the water)
  • Bring along your favorite sunscreen, if you forget there will be some onboard that the cruise provides. If you do decide to BYO sunscreen, please avoid using oily lotions as this many stain the upholstery on broad the yachts and it can also make the decks and hand holds slippery.
  • Thongs (flip flops) or other casual beach shoes.
  • If you are planning to hike on trails on shore it is advised that you bring some enclosed comfortable shoes.
  • Snorkeling gear with various sizes will be provided for you and other guests to use, but if you like to bring your own you are most welcome.
  • Those who wishes to scuba dive (scuba diving certificate required) should check with your travel agent to make sure equipment are available on board the vacation yacht you and your partner are traveling on.

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3. What charter etiquette should I be aware of?

Everybody who has been on a swinger cruise will tell you that the crew on broad will spoil you rotten and will aim to please you. Even through this is the case, the crew will truly appreciated if you just keep in mind these basic guidelines to make sure that you and the other guest enjoy their time on board:

  • Be polite and ask permission before boarding the yacht
  • Shoes should not be worn on board the yacht at all time
  • Only use suntan lotions which are oil and Paba free to avoid straining on teak and fiberglass
  • Avoid leaving sand and salt water when possible on broad the boat
  • Only use fresh water conservatively as well as electricity when the generator is not running
  • At all times use the toilet as per instructions. There is nothing more unpleasant then a block toilet that no one can use and imagine the smell.
  • Stay out of galley unless you are invited. (Most cruises will have snack areas for in between meals)
  • Listen and stay alert of all safety rules to prevent any accident from happening
  • Bring on broad a soft luggage bag for easy storage

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4. Are there any rules that I should follow on the cruise?

Rules are only there so that everyone can enjoy themselves and have fun while on board. Basic rules not only include the ones already mentioned in above, but also the following:

  • Be polite and courteous at all time to both to your new swinging friends and the crews.
  • If in any way you don’t wish to go ahead with any sexual activity, just politely say "no thank you".
  • Always be supportive and stick together with your partner on the cruise. If one partner wanders off the other may feel less supportive and abandoned or even jealous
  • While on board and on shore only have as much alcohol your body can consume. There is nothing more disgusting for someone having to clean up your mss. Plus too much alcohol can make you uncoordinated and also affect your sexual performance when called for.
  • It is also advised that you do not take any drugs on board the cruise as it is prohibited.

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5. Will I get sea sick?

Sea sick are common for those who suffer from motion sickness, but it is quite uncommon for guests to suffer from sea sickness while sailing around the Caribbean islands, the Greek islands and along the coastline of Florida. This is because the islands offer protection from the open ocean.

Many swinger cruise favors in sailing winds without rough seas, this is because there are many calm cover for anchoring.

If you or your partner is prone to motion sickness, it is advised that you bring along some over-the-counter motion sickness medication. But it is said by many cruise operator that you would not need medication. It is best for your body to naturally adjust.

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