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Caribbean Swinger Vacation

Caribbean swinger vacation is one of the most popular vacation spot among swingers. It is the ultimate holiday experience for those who like a combination of exotic ambiance of the Caribbean flair of the swinger lifestyles with also snorkeling, diving, beach combing, skinny dipping, shopping, or just purely relaxing under the sun.

The most unique way for such adult swinging vacation is by a swinger cruise. There are many privately own cruise on a private sailing yacht with a crew that sail around the Caribbean area. The most 3 most popular cruising areas in the Caribbean are:

The Virgin Island – this is the most popular chartering destination because of the steadiness of great weather and wind (sailing conditions), the variety of natural environments including some of the Caribbean's best coral reefs, and the closeness to services such as international airports and shops for food and supplies.

The Spanish Virgins – this includes Culebra, Vieques and eastern Puerto Rico.

Leeward Islands – including St. Martin and St. Barts to Antigua.

Windward Islands – St. Lucia to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

There are also cruising services that have charter yachts from Florida and the Bahamas .

Most cruise packages start from US$4500 to US$6000 per couple depending on the season and the amount of time you and your partner are staying onboard. Prices usually includes food provided onboard.

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